We love photography

At Capture One, our mission is to “show the world.” Watch the video to find out what it means to our team members.

Our values

Love of imaging

We love photos for their ability to express emotions and meaning 
– that’s why we deliver the best tools to bring them fully to life. 

We’re passionate about the visual arts and the people who contribute to them.  

Succeed together

We can achieve more through working collaboratively and leveraging each other's strengths.

We value people and want to bring out the best in everyone.

We respect individuality and personal ambition while staying focused on succeeding in our common goals together.

Welcome diversity

We’re proud of the diverse nature of our company across nationality, gender and experience.

We endeavor to welcome diversity in all forms and encourage open-minded attitudes in all aspects of our work.  

Customer obsessed

Our customers are front of mind and we pride ourselves on bringing value to them in everything we do.

We strive to get to know them as closely as possible so that we can deliver above and beyond their expectations and stay one step ahead of the industry.  

Crawl, Walk, Run

We work to the highest standards – motivated by the hunger to always do better. 

Yet we know that to run with every new innovation and stay ahead of the curve, we must first crawl. 

By leading with action and agility, we reach the greatest heights.   

Frihed under ansvar

This Nordic maxim translates to “with great freedom comes great responsibility” and is reflected in our company heritage, culture and flat hierarchy. 

We foster a transparent environment and trust our people to work independently in exchange for staying accountable to each other and our common goals.  

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